A way to replace the Missing Tooth: Denture

Denture is a way to replace the missing tooth that can be taken out and put back in mouth. Now with advanced technology dentures are more comfortable and natural looking.

Two types of denture
Full denture- Acrylic based that fits over gums. Two sets are present, one is upper covering roof of mouth and other is lower that is horseshoe shaped to accommodate tongue.
Partial denture- These are also acrylic based fits over gums.used if few missing tooth present and oral condition did not allow to undergo fixed partial denture. In some cases where patients cannot afford FPD then these partial dentures are Available.

1) Chewing ability enhanced as it is almost impossible to chew food without teeth and these lead to lack of nutrition, improper digestion.
2) Pronunciation-missing teeth especially anterior led to difficulty in pronunciate and speak.
3) Aesthetics-Denture provide support to lip and cheek tend to appear them fuller and enhances look as well as confidence.
4) overtime after having missing tooth cause remaining tooth to shift causing shifting of bite and difficulty in chewing.
5) missing tooth causes bone resorption of that area.

1) DENTURE should not be worn continuously rather left out of mouth during sleep.
2) Denture should be placed in a covered plastic container dipped in water while not wearing.
3) Denture cleaning solution are available to clean Denture.
4) Denture should be washed with soft bristles tooth brush.
5) it is advisable not to use any soap or detergent solution to clean Denture. Use only Denture cleaning solution .

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