All you need to know about BRUSHING TECHNIQUE and Advanced Technology in your brush

1) Selection of wrong tooth brush. Size of toothbrush really matters. Small headed tooth brush is usually preferable over long headed toothbrushes, for reaching those hard to reach places.
2) Duration of Brushing: Brushing for 2 minutes is recommended.
3) Keep your tooth brush clean and along with its cover. This habit is very important to maintain oral hygiene.
4) Use of electric toothbrush is also very beneficial. They provide better results. They have vibrating head that eliminates additional particles and plaque away from tooth by oscillating and rotating.
5) Electric toothbrush available in battery and rechargeable form. New version available with Bluetooth that also communicates with smartphone app.
6) Flossing should be ‘must to do habit’ in your daily routine. Brushing can’t clean 💯%of mouth effectively.
7) Incorrect brushing techniques , brushing too hard led to dental problems. Best method to clean tooth is by gentle brushing in up and down motion.
8) Ignorance of tongue cleaning is also common reason of dental problems. Use tongue scrapper or use your tooth brush to clean your tongue.
9) Selection of tooth paste is also a very important part. There is dozens of brand available in market. Fluoride is also used in many brands.
Toothpaste ingredients:

Calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, hydrated silica, glycerin, water, sorbitol, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide, sodium saccharin, PVM/MA copolymer, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, carrageenan, mica, FD&C blue no.1 and D&C yellow no.10

Flavouring agents do not contribute to tooth decay.

Thickeners or binders stabilize the toothpaste.

This is basic composition needed for daily care of your teeth.

10) Replacement of toothbrush after every three to four months is recommended. People who use electric toothbrush should replace it’s head.

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