Care Your Teeth

It is very important to take care of teeth. It not only prevents from tooth pain and damage but also enhances look and personality.
Few tips and habit of maintaining oral hygiene as well as getting any developing problems treated by dentists are simple basic steps of teeth caring
1) Brushing twice a day
a) At least 2 minutes of proper brushing
b) Replace toothbrush after about 3 months
c) Use a fluoride tooth paste
d) Use pea sized amounts of tooth paste
e) Children should also brush their teeth
f) Don’t brush teeth immediately after eating as this will create acidic pH and soften the enamel

2) Flossing remove bacteria, food particles en lodged between tooth
a) 46 cm of floss used wrapped around one finger of both hand and gently slide between teeth
b) Slight bleeding is expected but it is normal

3) Mouthwash kills bacteria of oral cavity
a) Different commercially prepared mouthwash are available
b) Lukewarm water with salt dissolved in it is also a better solution to rinse mouth thoroughly

4) Tongue cleaning is a important part of maintenance of oral hygiene
a) Scrap lightly from back to forth along tongue
b) Rinse mouth thoroughly after scraping

5) Visit your dentist after every 6 months.

6) Eat a well balanced diet. Avoid sugary starchy stuff,carbonated drink, tobacco, betel nut,chocolates etc.

7)Quit smoking

By following all these basic and simple steps everyone can keep their mouth clean and healthy.

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