Cosmetic Dentistry

This is referred as enhancement of complete gum, teeth shape, size, color, alignment, position and overall smile and hence improvise overall appearance as well as self confidence.

There are mainly 5 major type of cosmetic dentistry.

1)ONLAY & INLAY- Inlay & Onlay both are type of restoration depends upon extent of restoration. Both are fabricated in lab , Inlay limits up to cusp tips whereas ONLAY is further extension to rest of tooth structure.
Both are used to remove decayed or carious part of tooth to restore remaining tooth structure and preserve that tooth.

2) COMPOSITE BONDING- This material is also a tooth filling material, used to treat decayed tooth, broken tooth, discolored tooth, abrasive tooth in single appointment schedule.

3) DENTAL VENEERS-These are just like a “LAMINATION TO TOOTH SURFACE”,used in anterior teeth to improvise smile, restore damage , wear , tear of tooth.

4) TEETH WHITENING-In this we apply bleach over tooth surface to remove stains or any other discoloration. Both custom made and in office bleach is done .

5) DENTAL IMPLANT-These are designed to replace missing tooth structure. Usually made of titanium and embedded in jaw bone where tooth has to be replaced. As in case of bridge we have to take support of adjacent tooth but implant are such aesthetic friendly that there is no need to touch adjacent tooth for support.

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