Vitamins are available in various shapes, sizes and forms, like pills, syrup, gel, powder and gummies.

As we know vitamin consumption either in your diet or in tablet form is beneficial for your overall health, but excess of everything is bad. In this blog, we are going to discuss about positive and negative both aspects of vitamin and mineral consumption on your oral and overall health.

  • IRON – Iron deficiency causes sore mouth results in swollen gum or tongue. Too much of Iron consumption or consumption in syrup form causes stain on tooth. To prevent this we should consume tablets under guidance of doctor and if you are giving Iron to your kids in form of syrup then dilute its concentration by mixing with juice or water.
  • CALCIUM – This keep your enamel healthy and strong and CALCIUM also keep your jaw bone strong. Too much CALCIUM causes hyperglycemia, weakens bone, cause kidney stone and interfere in brain and heart working. Some dental problem also arises due to this:

A) Tooth sensitivity during biting and chewing.

B) Malocclusion

C) Cavities

D) Jaw pain

  • VITAMIN C – Deficiency of this causes gum tissue to become soften, inflamed, bleeding and loose teeth. Excess of VITAMIN C causes distortion of superficial layer of teeth without presence of bacteria and hampers esthetic of teeth.
  • VITAMIN D – Proper amount of vitamin D is needed for absorption of calcium. It make tooth strong, prevent oral disease like caries, burning mouth and oral treatment failure. Excess of this vitamin led to excess absorption of calcium led to soft tissue calcification such as pulp tooth sensitivity and pain.
  • COLLAGEN – Collagen helps to re-mineralize and strengthen all layers of teeth from enamel to bone. Excess collagen led to heart burn, fullness, digestive side effects and bad taste.

In nutshell, it is necessary to understand that vitamin and mineral help to improve oral health but should be taken under proper guidance.

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