How to care after tooth extraction

  1. Try to get rest for at least 24 to 36 hrs. Avoid any hard work or exercise during this .
  2.  A cotton gauze piece provided by dentist at extraction site. Keep this for at least 1 Hr.
    Don’t try to chew the gauze . This gauze help in formation of clot and help in healing.
  3.  Apply ice pack on site of extraction to relieve swelling. It is effective on day of extraction.
  4.  Take soft cold and semisolid diet after extraction for 2 to 3 days.
  5.  After one hour of extraction gauze piece should be removed and cold water or ice-cream or juices should be taken.
  6.  Next day after extraction warm saline rinse is advisable.
  7.  Avoid poking at extraction site by tooth pick or tongue.
  8.  Don’t smoke, sip or eat any hard edibles.
  9.  Take prescribed medication on time. Don’t skip any medicine.
  10.  Ask your dentist for replacement of missing tooth after healing of extraction site.

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