It is a safe way of saving natural teeth. Pulp a soft tissue that contains blood vessels, nerve and connective tissue lies within tooth from crown to tip of root.
In case of diseased tooth, due to caries or injured tooth because of trauma that cannot be repaired itself, pulp get died and tooth get infected. Pus builds up at root tip causing abscess that cause damage to surrounding jaw bone.
If left untreated severe infection with unbearable pain and swelling is caused. And as a result tooth may have to be removed.
Root canal treatment includes one to three visits and in this process diseased pulp is removed. Pulp chamber and root canal cleaned, irrigated.,shaped and then sealed.
Root canal treated or restored tooth lasts for life time. It has high success rate. One should only have to maintain good oral hygiene.

Step wise procedure of Root canal treatment.
a) Take an x-ray to see the depth and extent of infection and shape of root canal.
b) Area is dried and kept free from saliva, hole is drilled, canals are located, pulp, bacteria, decayed nerve, residual debris removed and canal is cleaned.
C) After thorough cleaning tooth is sealed with a sealer paste and gutta percha and exterior accessed hole is filled with filling material.
d) Final restoration done.

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