Teeth Bleaching & Teeth Whitening

Both are different process that are done at dental clinic. Teeth bleaching means whitening of teeth beyond their natural colour. Teeth whitening means process of restoring teeth back to natural color.


  1. Dark colored, heavily pigmented food beverages including tea, coffee, soft drinks, soda, turmeric, red wine. These pigments stick easily to tooth.
  2. Smoking or other tobacco products. Cigarettes have tar and nicotine . Nicotine is heavily pigmented and tar when came in contact with oxygen get pigmented and these pigments cause tooth discoloration.
  3. Ageing is also a factor. Our tooth mainly composed of outer hard white pearly enamel and inner yellow colored dentin. As due to ageing of enamel it got weird and tiny fractures formed that causes sticking of pigments to tooth as well as showing of dentin also.


  1. HOME BLEACHING: various whitening toothpaste, gels, strips are available but these are not suitable for every patient need as different factors are responsible for discoloration so for proper whitening these factors needed to be evaluated first and then products should be customized according to individual patient requirement.
  2. IN CLINIC BLEACHING: This bleaching is chair side bleaching to be done in dental clinic and process is completely painless. At first a kit that is meant for single use is issued to patient as per their requirement. This include Bleaching agent i.e hydrogen peroxide and a photo activator and this agent is completely safe for oral use. Another items are lip balm to protect lip and soft tissues, mouth bib,cheek retractor, shade guide for pre treatment and post treatment shade evaluation. Mixing accessories and applicator also included in kit. And a flouride gel bottle for after treatment application to prevent and sensitivity to teeth and damage to enamel.
  3. Another IN CLINIC bleaching include take home trays. Trays are fabricated for your mouth. These trays are to be worn for few hours at night for maximum 2 weeks. Results will start to show only after 1 week. Among every measures of tooth whitening this one is vary effective but this is not for those who want immediate results. For immediate result in-clinic chair side bleaching is recommended.

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