Tooth Pain

Causes of tooth pain

1) Tooth decay – most common cause of tooth pain. cavities or hole causes damage to underlying structure of tooth including pulps, nerve and lead to infection, pain and swelling.
2) Tooth damage due to trauma, biting hard stone during chewing, breaked restoration or filling lead to tooth pain.
3) Redness and swelling of gums i.e gingivitis lead to tooth pain as well as gum pain
4) Pain due to sinus infections felt commonly during pressure felt on sinus area
5) Nerve disease trigeminal neuralgia also cause Sharp tooth pain
6) Uncontrolled diabetes lead to tooth decay faster causing tooth pain
7) Viral infections e.g SHINGLES cause tooth pain
8) Drug abuse , vitamin deficiency (B12), cluster headache etc are also some factors of tooth pain


Throbbing, Sharp or aching sensation that can be either transient or chronic
Some type of pain occurred only at time of chewing.
Other symptoms of tooth pain are redness and swelling in gum, headache, pus discharge.


a) Maintenance of good oral hygiene.
Brushing twice a day, flossing, good dietary habits,
b) Cavities or broken tooth treated either by filling or RCT followed by crown.
C) Gum is treated by scaling,root planing

Cause of tooth pain diagnosed by dental x-ray, clinical examination to locate exact nature, location and severity of infections and then treated accordingly by dentist.

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