These are last teeth to erupt in oral cavity.
They usually come when patient are in their late teen or twenty.


1)If there is proper space in oral cavity or jaw size and teeth size ratio is appropriate then wisdom tooth are not of much concerned.
2)If there is partially eruption of wisdom tooth then it may led to pain and infection along with swelling, difficulty in mouth opening.
3)Some cases including un-erupted wisdom tooth and embedded in jaw bone in different positions like horizontal, vertical. Such cases are impacted case which cause tenderness,pain, swelling


1)If tooth is partially erupted and clearly seen in oral cavity then it is removed by surgical procedure.
Early 20’s best time to remove wisdom teeth (3rd molar) as development of root is not completely developed.

2)if tooth is un-erupted and embedded in oral cavity but there is unbearable pain swelling tenderness then this case is diagnosed by OPG and XRAY.


1)If teeth is erupted or partially erupted then it is removed by normal extraction procedure.

2)If teeth is embedded in bone then removed by giving incision in bone to raise the flap then tooth is fragmented and removed.

If wisdom teeth is asymptomatic then there is no need to remove it. One should just take care of this posterior most erupted teeth by proper brushing and rinsing their mouth.

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